Purdie’s Body & Hand Wash

We added a unique mix of essential oils to our certified organic wash base to arrive at luxurious results that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished.

Ingredients: Main ingredients in Purdie’s Organic Body & Hand Wash include glycerine and aloe vera which are renowned for their moisturising properties. The base is both Sulphate and SLS/SLES free which blends perfectly with our pure essential oils to produce a well balanced organic moisturising all over body wash. All of the base ingredients have been certified by the European Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard (COSMOS) and the UK Soil Association

How to use:

Apply sparingly to damp skin and/or hair using a gentle cleansing action. For best results, why not follow with a complimenting Purdie’s Hand & Body Lotion

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Bergamot Mint & Bitter Orange Body & Hand WashBergamot Mint & Bitter Orange Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00ViewThe cool and refreshing properties of Bergamot Mint work in harmony with the stimulating power of Bitter Orange to provide a complete detoxifying and rejuvenating wash experience.Cedarwood & May Chang Body & Hand WashCedarwood & May Chang Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00ViewThe purifying and earthy scent of Cedarwood marries perfectly to the sweet and fruity notes of May Chang to offer a rewarding and cleansing wash. Note: After extensive blind market testing, this particular and unique blend of essential oils came top Geranium & Lemon Body & Hand WashGeranium & Lemon Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00View The floral notes of Geranium mix flawlessly with the sharpness of Lemon to provide a perfectly balanced and uplifting washing experience for your whole body. Lavender & Neroli Body & Hand WashLavender & Neroli Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00ViewThe familiar and calming scent of Lavender is married to the fresh citrus tang of Neroli to offer a faultless, rebalancing and replenishing washing experience for your skin.
Lime & Patchouli Body & Hand WashLime & Patchouli Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00ViewThe sharp bitter aroma of Lime is balanced superbly by the muskiness of Patchouli to offer your body an energising and toning washing experience.Melissa & Tangerine Body & Hand WashMelissa & Tangerine Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00View The clean lemon notes of Melissa combine seamlessly with the sweetness of Tangerine to provide a calming and warming wash for your skin. Natural (no essential oils) Body & Hand WashNatural (no essential oils) Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00ViewThis Body & Hand Wash comes with all the qualities present in the base ingredients minus essential oils. It can be used by and benefit those with extremely sensitive skin, those undergoing medical treatment that bars contact with essential oils or indeed those working in specific professions that may preclude contact with scented oils (ie the medical profession).Nettle & Milk Thistle Body & Hand WashNettle & Milk Thistle Body & Hand WashOur price: From £12.50ViewThe repairing qualities of Nettle extract have been fused with skin friendly properties of Milk Thistle to provide a positive boost to your skin.
Palmarosa & Rosewood Body & Hand WashPalmarosa & Rosewood Body & Hand WashOur price: From £5.00View The lemony aroma of Palmarosa is combined with the spicy floral notes of Rosewood to make a wash that will leave your skin feeling soothed and revitalised.
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