Essential oils

All of our essential oils have been sourced by a well established ethical company with over 100 years of experience in the industry.

How to use:

Enjoy the benefits of Purdie’s range of essential oils for massage, in your bath or vaporisation. For massage, dilute at a recommended rate of 5 drops of essential oil to 10ml of base oil. For bathing, run a warm bath, add 4-6 drops of oil and disperse with your hand. Then lie back and relax in the bath for at least 10 minutes to allow the aroma to work. Vaporisation of essential oils can help to create different moods and can also be used to freshen your home. An oil burner is an ideal way to vaporise and disperse essential oils.

Advisory Information:

Essential Oils are for external use only. Do not use undiluted on skin. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, seek professional advice before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep oils away from eyes. Flammable.

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Basil Essential Oil (Linalool) (Ocimum basilicum)Basil Essential Oil (Linalool) (Ocimum basilicum)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: EgyptBergamot Mint Essential Oil (Mentha Citrata)Bergamot Mint Essential Oil (Mentha Citrata)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: IndiaBitter Orange Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium)Bitter Orange Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: SicilyBlack Pepper Essential Oil (Piper nigrum)Black Pepper Essential Oil (Piper nigrum)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: India
Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedrus atlantica)Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedrus atlantica)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: IndiaFennel Essential Oil (Foeniculum vulgar var. dulce)Fennel Essential Oil (Foeniculum vulgar var. dulce)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: FranceGeranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens)Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: EgyptLavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: Croatia
Lemongrass Essential Oil  (Cymbopogon citratus/flexuosous)Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cymbopogon citratus/flexuosous)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: IndiaLime Essential Oil (Citrus aurantifolia)Lime Essential Oil (Citrus aurantifolia)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: MexicoMay Chang Essential Oil (Litsea cubeba)May Chang Essential Oil (Litsea cubeba)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: ChinaMelissa Blend Essential Oil (Natural Mixture)Melissa Blend Essential Oil (Natural Mixture)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: France
Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium)Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: TunisiaPatchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin)Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: IndonesiaPeppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita)Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: IndiaRosewood Essential Oil (Aniba rosaeodora)Rosewood Essential Oil (Aniba rosaeodora)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: India
Sicilian Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limon)Sicilian Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limon)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: SicilySpearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata)Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: USATangerine  Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata/C. nobilis)Tangerine Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata/C. nobilis)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: BrazilThyme Essential Oil (Thymus vulgaris)Thyme Essential Oil (Thymus vulgaris)Our price: £5.00ViewCountry of Origin: Spain
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