Is organic skincare better? 3 beautiful benefits of using organic skincare products

We know that there’s a lot of debate around whether ‘natural’ or organic skincare is better for your skin than synthetic products. In this blog, we share our thoughts on why high-quality organic skincare that’s free from manmade nasties is better for your skin any day.

Is organic skincare better?

For us, well-made organic skincare is just as effective as products containing synthetic ingredients. It also offers so much more than synthetic skincare. Organic ingredients nourish and heal your skin with a vibrant mix of naturally occurring nutrients, rather than messing with it using chemicals. But it’s not just about results. Organic skincare is also better for your overall health, better for your skin’s long-term health and better for the environment.

So, if these things matter to you, then yes: organic skincare is better.

The benefits of using organic skincare products

1. Organic skincare is better for your health

Since our skin is porous, it absorbs most of what we put on it. As such, if we use products containing parabens, phthalates or sodium lauryl sulphate (which a lot of synthetic skincare contains), these can end up in our bodies, with potential health implications.

The worrying thing is that many people don’t even know they’re putting these ingredients into their bodies. That’s the beauty of organic skincare – you can look at the ingredients list and see exactly what has gone into your product.

2. Organic skincare is better for your skin’s long-term health

The harshness of some synthetic ingredients can take its toll over time – especially if your skin is sensitive. You may find that the products work for a while, but then you start to experience problems like dryness, irritation, sensitivity, oiliness or clogged pores. Organic skincare doesn’t contain manmade nasties; it is gentle and genuinely healing for the skin.

Organic skincare lets you nourish your skin with vibrant, nutrient-rich ingredients that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Just as eating a diverse diet helps your body feel its best, treating your skin to all these organic goodies allows it to heal itself and restore balance. You simply don’t get this level of nutrition with synthetic skincare products.

Look at our organic body butter as an example. It contains organic beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and flaxseed oil. Beeswax is rich in vitamin A – it boosts cell reconstruction, has anti-inflammatory properties, and protects your skin without clogging your pores. Shea butter is high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, E and F, which soften and heal the skin. Cocoa butter has vitamin E, which is naturally moisturising and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, as well as fatty acids that hydrate the skin and improve elasticity. Flaxseed oil reduces inflammation and balances the skin’s natural oils, making it beneficial for chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

There is a wealth of skincare benefits already present in these wonderful natural ingredients, which we believe is better for your skin than manmade ingredients any day.

3. Organic skincare is better for the environment

Organic skincare is made using ingredients that are free from pesticides, fertilisers, synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms, so it is much better for the environment.

The myth that organic skincare doesn’t work

In some circles, anything labelled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ gets a bad rap and is written off as ineffective. The truth is, knowledge about organic skincare ingredients has developed enormously in recent years. For us, being organic and eco-friendly is a lovely bonus. It’s the quality and skincare benefits of the organic ingredients that we care most about – we truly believe that organic ingredients enable us to make the best quality skincare.

Buy organic skincare from Scotland’s West Coast today

Here at Purdie’s, all our organic skincare and beauty products are made using Soil Association and COSMOS-certified ingredients.

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