Our eco-friendly skincare packaging

The more eagle-eyed among our loyal Purdie’s customers may have spotted some changes in our packaging recently. And you’re absolutely right. We are gradually changing our packaging to move away from plastics and towards more reusable alternatives. We’re really excited about this so we wanted to share with you a bit about what we’ve been doing.

Why move to reusable packaging?

Purdie’s has always been an eco-conscious brand. This is a big part of our driving force behind using only high-quality, certified organic ingredients. And while a lot of our packaging has always been recyclable or reusable, we ideally want to remove plastics wherever possible. So, we have been working on adding even more earth-friendly packaging for our products. Read on to find out the eco-friendly skincare packaging we’ve introduced.

What eco-friendly skincare packaging do we now use?

Compostable wrappers for our bars

All our organic Soap Bars, shampoo bars, conditioner bars and shaving soap bars now come packaged in waxed butcher paper. This is not recyclable, but it can be composted - simply shred it up and pop it in your compost pile. There is no plastic in these wrappers.

Reusable glass pots for our skin creams and lip balms

Our organic face moisturiser and men’s organic face moisturiser come in heavy glass jars. Our organic lip balms come in frosted glass jars with a bamboo top. Once you’ve used up your product, you can either recycle the jars or find another use for them. You could fill them with toothpaste tablets, for example, or get crafty and use them as tealight holders.

Reusable tins for our body butters and body creams

Our organic bath salts, organic body butter, organic foot cream and organic hand cream all come in reusable blue metal kilner jars with clip tops. Again, once you’re done with your products, these can be reused! They are handy for storing small items like jewellery, or even holding small food items like sweets or nuts. Or, if you have any toiletries or creams that you’d like to decant into smaller containers, our metal tins can be useful for this too.

Glass over plastic wherever possible

We have opted for glass for a good portion of our skincare and beauty range, rather than plastic. All our aromatherapy rollers and organic lip glosses are in glass containers, for example. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option, but we think it gives our products the high-quality feel they deserve.

Why are our hand washes and body washes still in plastic?

Our hand washes, body washes and body lotions come in recyclable plastic bottles. This is still something we’re working on. However, as we add new products, we are staying away from plastics. We hope that, in time, we can offer a range that is completely plastic-free!

If you’d like to browse our range of organic, eco-friendly skincare products, head to our online shop or pop in to see us in Inveraray.


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