Highly fragranced candles in contemporary tins with a 50 hour burn. Individually handmade to evoke the unique natural bouquet of the West Coast of Scotland

Cautionary Advice:

Burn within sight

Keep away from things that catch fire

Keep away from children

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All My Love candleAll My Love candleOur price: £10.00View A blend of strawberry and pineapple notes with romance to the fore.Angel's Kiss candleAngel's Kiss candleOur price: £10.00View A mix of honey and caramel with oriental spices topped off with a touch of myrrh.Bedtime Stories candleBedtime Stories candleOur price: £10.00ViewMelon, mango and luscious berried blended together to deliver a relaxing goodnight.Bellisima CandleBellisima CandleOur price: £10.00ViewNotes of lily, rose, mandarin, lemon and vanilla combine to produce an uplifting scent.
Celebration CandleCelebration CandleOur price: £10.00ViewA blend of bergamot, citrus, neroli, cyclamen and sandalwood to deliver a relaxing surrounding.Cherish CandleCherish CandleOur price: £10.00ViewFresh bergamot, lemon, neroli, cyclamen and sandalwood mixed together to form a refreshing undertone.Fresh Orchid CandleFresh Orchid CandleOur price: £10.00View Top notes of blooms of orchid mingling with nutmeg, vanilla and musk.Friendship CandleFriendship CandleOur price: £10.00ViewTangy jasmine, blackcurrant, ginger and frankincense come together to to deliver a peaceful local environment.
Geranium & Neroli CandleGeranium & Neroli CandleOur price: £10.00View An infusion of rose, geranium and pepper to bring calmness to any room.Ginger & Cinnamon CandleGinger & Cinnamon CandleOur price: £10.00View Spicy warm and earthy tones to soothe the mind.Lady of the Loch CandleLady of the Loch CandleOur price: £10.00View A floral mix of fresh jasmine, lily, sweet amber and vanilla to brighten the day.Lemongrass CandleLemongrass CandleOur price: £10.00View Fresh lemony uplifting notes combined with the musk of patchouli and cedar.
Lily of the Valley CandleLily of the Valley CandleOur price: £10.00ViewHints of rose, musk and geranium combine to create a tranquil setting. Loch Fyne CandleLoch Fyne CandleOur price: £10.00View A mix of fragrances combine to deliver scents from Scottish west coast beaches and lochs.Parma Violet CandleParma Violet CandleOur price: £10.00ViewA blend of violet, bay and ylang ylang evoke childhood memories of favourite sweets.Poppies CandlePoppies CandleOur price: £10.00ViewThe clean and pure scents of orange, buttercup and cedarwood combine to form a citrus and woody ambience.
Rest & Be Thankful CandleRest & Be Thankful CandleOur price: £10.00View The unmistakable aroma of fresh grass and wild flowers after the rain has passed.Scottish Heather CandleScottish Heather CandleOur price: £10.00ViewHints of juicy raspberries in hedgerows surrounded by the scents of purple heather. Scottish Lavender candleScottish Lavender candleOur price: £10.00ViewA bouquet of ylang ylang, wild lilies together with the calming aroma of wild lavender.Scottish Memories CandleScottish Memories CandleOur price: £10.00ViewCrisp bergamot, lemon, cyclamen and sandalwood come together to conjure up savoured memories.
Sea Breeze CandleSea Breeze CandleOur price: £10.00ViewFresh mint, with herbs and moss, lily and musk combine to recreated crisp breezes by the sea.Shortbread CandleShortbread CandleOur price: £10.00View A blend of fragrances that evoke the smells of home baking.Starry Starry Night CandleStarry Starry Night CandleOur price: £10.00ViewA mix of spearmint with hints of orange, lily, patchouli and musk for a night under the stars.Strawberry CandleStrawberry CandleOur price: £10.00View The crisp scent of strawberry fields mixed with the exotic notes of pineapple.
Sunshine candleSunshine candleOur price: £10.00ViewThe floral notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and radiant musk come together to provide a warm and welcoming setting.Sweet Pea CandleSweet Pea CandleOur price: £10.00View The crisp hints of sweet pea married to rose, lily and apricot.The Argyll candleThe Argyll candleOur price: £10.00View Aromas of saffron and myrrh produce a spicy and fragrant surrounding.Tranquility CandleTranquility CandleOur price: £10.00View A mix of saffron and myrrh blend well to create a warm and tranquil setting.
Wee Beastie CandleWee Beastie CandleOur price: £10.00View A blend of citrus and woody notes that the dreaded midge will avoid.Wild Rose CandleWild Rose CandleOur price: £10.00ViewNotes of rose with hints of plum and hyacinth mix beautifully to recreate the scents of summer days.
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