Essential Oil Soap Bars

Essential Oil Soap Bars
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Our soap base consist of certified organic oils and is free from Sulphates, Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Parabens and Preservatives. We then blend the soap base with a select range of essential oils to provide a pure and uncomplicated soap bar.

Free from: Sulphates, MPG, Parabens, Preservatives and PEG.

There are lots of essential oils to choose from.

Basil: Sweet and herbacious aroma for energising and muscle soothing washing experience.

Bergamot Mint: Sweet and minty scent for cool and refreshing washing experience.

Bitter Orange: Zesty and tangy aroma for detoxifying and stimulating washing experience.

Black Pepper: Hot and spicy aroma for a warming and relaxing washing experience.

Cedarwood: Sweet and woody scent for a purifying and calming washing experience.

Fennel: Clean herbal aroma for a detoxifying and skin toning washing experience.

Geranium: Beautiful floral scent for a rebalancing and uplifting washing experience.

Lavender: Fresh scent for a de-stressing and relaxing washing experience.

Lemongrass: Sweet lemony scent for a a refreshing and energising washing experience.

Lime: Sharp and bitter scent for a detoxifying and invigorating washing experience.

May Chang: Sweet and fruity aroma for a cleansing and purifying washing experience.

Melissa: Clean lemon scent for a calming yet uplifting washing experience.

Neroli: Fresh and citrus aroma for a skin replenishing and mood uplifting washing experience.

Patchouli: Sweet musky scent for a a skin rejuvenating and toning washing experience.

Peppermint: Fresh minty notes for an invigorating and uplifting washing experience.

Rosewood: Floral and spicy aroma for a stimulating and rejuvenating washing experience.

Sicilian Lemon: Clean sharp notes of lemon for a fresh and cleansing washing experience.

Spearmint: Sweet and sophisticated scent for a stress relieving and soothing washing experience.

Tangerine: Sweet and warming scent for an uplifting and warming washing experience.

Thyme: Sweet and herbal aroma for a reviving and soothing washing experience.

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Patchouli soap *****Posted by Carol Y on April 26 2021 at 13:08I have been buying soap from Purdies since 2007/8 after a visit to Oban and have not used any other soap since. These soaps hold their aroma throughout their lifespan and don’t turn mushy if left wet. Quality product .
Organic soap patchouli*****Posted by Michael S on December 26 2019 at 09:49My wife now has enough till we go back to Scotland in June she loves this stuff once again thanks
Customer rating:*****

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